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The Tacony-Tookany-Frankford (TTF) watershed, a sub-watershed to Philadelphia’s larger watershed system, is like so many urban watersheds.

This book describes the dynamic, reciprocal relationship between practices throughout a watershed and its waterfront environments. It is used as a tool to illustrate to the communities within the watershed how better building and environmental practices would support their ecological, recreational and economical health and well-being.

Traditional “grey” stormwater infrastructure, which collects untreated stormwater and quickly carries it away through underground pipes, prevents groundwater recharge. The increased level of impermeability in urban environments like the TTF watershed has created a situation where grey infrastructure is quickly overloaded during rain events, and untreated stormwater and occasionally wastewater overflows into stream corridors, further damaging the natural watershed system through erosion and sedimentation, loss of native species and a degraded stream environment that makes development unsuitable and undesirable (click on image at left.) “Green” stormwater infrastructure improvements such as street trees, permeable paving, green roofs and repaired riparian corridors provide more benefits than this traditional grey infrastructure. Diagrams in the book (shown in the excerpt above) explain the functions and value of watershed landscapes when they are in a degraded condition and when they are restored.

Work done at WRT for the Philadelphia Water Departmentís Office of Watersheds. I was responsible for the overall art direction and layout of this document, as well as site-specific research.

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In college, I studied industrial design at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA, for its aspirations to create beautifully useful things and for its focus on how a good design process leads to a better solution.

I’ve worked at Margie Ruddick Landscape, a boutique landscape design office with top-notch ambition. I learned about reading landscapes, thinking spatially and designing for the ecologies of a place. I worked on projects like eco-resorts in India, vast urban waterfronts in New York City and sustainability guidelines. Studying an environment’s peculiarities—its ecology, economy, culture and ambition—taught me new ways to be a better designer.

I’ve also worked at Wallace, Roberts and Todd, LLC (WRT), where I discovered ways to integrate visual communication with planning and landscape strategies. My capabilities grew to include environmental and ethnographic research, program development, mapping and visualizations, site design, communications design and management on projects ranging from national parks to green stormwater infrastructure design. I became the first art director within the planning and urban design practice, driving the communication of complex design and planning issues from the beginning of a project through to its final documentation. My approach helped to facilitate many nationally recognized projects, and ultimately, I helped to build the planning practice to include place-branding strategies and innovative methods that broke through the traditional boundaries of planning. In 2008, I became an Associate and built the visual communications practice to include fulltime graphic design staff.

I have had an ongoing role within the industrial design program at the University of the Arts as a guest critic and lecturer, and also as an adjunct professor of two-dimensional design techniques.

In 2010, I launched my independent communications design practice, and I continue to work with pioneers in planning and design to communicate their issues and ideas.

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Get in touch! Email me at andee@andeemazzocco.com or call me at (215) 880-4406.

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